iPhone 7 Repair

We offer three different levels of screen quality:

  1. Best Quality – original LCD or OLED, touch IC, cold pressed frame, excellent video frame rate, excellent choice.
  2. Premium Quality – highest quality aftermarket, cold pressed frame, excellent video frame rate, good touch, great aftermarket choice.
  3. Competitor Grade – this is what most places are selling – lower price but touch not as good, screen is dim and color is off. Don’t work with polarized glasses. Ok in a pinch.

We source out the best parts for your iPhone 7 Repair as not all parts are created equal. A lot of places use the cheapest parts they can find or just buy whatever the sales guy brings in whereas we have the know how to find the best parts because we buy direct and in large quantities. For the best iPhone 7 Repair call us or book your appointment right now.

Discount cards or promos not accepted for these screens.


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