Water Damage Repair Please Read For Best Results

Water Damage Repair Please Read For Best Results

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Water Damage Repair

The sooner we get the phone the better the chance of a successful repair!!! Call 604-791-7960 asap


Water Damage Repair

Are you in need of water damage repair or any other liquid damage to your phone? We can help you with this. Some of the more common things we hear are dropped it in Cultus Lake, at Cultus Lake waterslides or while kayaking on Chilliwack River. Here are some important things to know.

  • Do NOT plug in the device EVEN AFTER 2 DAYS of drying!!!
  • Bring it in as soon as possible to have it professionally dried and cleaned.
  • Do NOT put the device in rice. This is a wives tale only. Rice does not soak up water (if it did, it would be soggy in your cupboard)
  • There is always someone who has done the rice treatment who had success.
  • For each of these people we see 10 who now have devices that don’t work.
  • Hold the phone with the bottom pointing down until you can get it in to us.
  • Do not turn it on to see if its working now.
  • Take battery out if possible.

Consider buying a waterproof case for these times when you are playing or working close to liquids. You don’t have to leave the case on all the time, just when you go out to areas you know it may get water damage. A well proven case is the Lifeproof Fre which has become the standard for stopping water damage in phones.

Have a liquid damaged iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do!

By Allyson Kazmucha, Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 a 2:53 pm EST

I see lots of liquid damaged iPhones, iPads, and iPods on a regular basis. If you don’t have AppleCare+, your warranty won’t cover liquid damage. This is why a lot of people turn to places like The Pod Drop to reverse the damage. Not only can it be a lot cheaper than replacing an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, but it can allow you to get lots more use out of it.

If you are ever faced with the dreaded task of figuring out what to do with a water damaged iPhone, iPad, or iPod, there are some things you can do, as well as some things you should not do, before taking it in for service that will help mitigate the damage therefore making the success rate of repairing it much higher. See more…

Water Damage Repair


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