Buy New iPhone or Refresh Current One

To Buy New iPhone or Refresh Current One?  There are a few things to consider and we always ask these questions when recommending to our customers what they should do. We all want the newest and best but is it really worth making a change? Ask yourself this,  does your phone do what you want it to do? If the answer is yes then we need to look at the phone to see what it needs to improve appearance and boost performance. If the answer is no, what other features do you want that you don’t have now? Most people say the phone has “slowed down”. If this is the case, the solution may just be a full refresh and replacement of the battery. If the phone is getting quite old (6 years or so), it may be better to upgrade and pass your current phone on. A quick refresh and new battery and off to the new owner.

Broken screens are the number one problem we see and the screen will bother most people. It also happens that when we replace the screen we always hear how the phone looks brand new again.  On iPhones, these can be replaced quickly and at a reasonable price. Adding a battery and doing a software refresh will bring your phone back up to as new condition answering the question purchase new iphone or upgrade this one?

The longer you can keep your phone, the better it is for the environment as well. Millions of phones end up in land fills or stuffed in a drawer. If these phones are kept in circulation, that’s less new phones with all of their components going to waste overall.


Check out our pricing on our website or give us a call. We also offer a discount on a new battery if done at the same time as the screen.  So hopefully this helps you decide whether buy new iPhone or refresh current one.