Android Repair

Android Phone Repair
We can do most Android phone repair. Call for prices. There are just too many to list here. We stock most popular Samsung and LG. We can order in most screens for next business day service if not in stock
Most modern android phone repair require an AMOLED screen. These screens tend to cost more money and are ironically very easy to break.  At this point there is only one company able to make the larger sized screens and that is Samsung. In this class of screens, we are stuck with two options only. There is a push on from other companies trying to make an alternative which will drop the price down significantly but in the mean time the price is artificially high.
Option 1
New screen from the manufacturuer – the best option available but not available for all brands
Option 2
Refurbished screen using the original lcd and replacement glass. This is the only option for some models.
We recommend calling for the best possible option for your device. We offer original screens for Samsung and LG. All others are based on available options.


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