Samsung Batteries

Samsung Batteries

Samsung Batteries

We carry a wide variety of Samsung Batteries. For the batteries that require install, there is a fee for installation.


Samsung Batteries

We carry a wide variety of Samsung Batteries.

Call for prices as there are just too many models to list and prices change weekly.

  • Samsung batteries
  • We install Samsung batteries and stock most popular models.
  • Install new Samsung Batteries
  • Check installation
  • 180 day warranty on parts


How can you tell if you need to replace your battery? For the most part, Lithium Polymer batteries last about 2 years. Its possible to have some variables which change this so don’t shoot the messenger. There is always someone who has had the same battery for 6 years!


Here are some of the symptoms to look for to determine if your battery needs to be replaced. Does the lithium battery drop from 40 or 50 % (not exact numbers) to 5% or shut off the device? It takes forever to charge and then only lasts a short while? Device seems to be bulging up? Is it overheating? All of these problems can be caused by a bad battery. The battery can get so bad that it gases off and expands to 3 times its original size. Eventually it just won’t charge at all and most phones and tablets charge the battery which then runs the device. This is different than laptops which will run off the charge cable even if the battery has been removed.

Changing the battery

Things to watch out for if you need to change the battery. A lot of places installing batteries don’t really check to see what kind of quality the battery is that they use. Most just say its OEM but really have no clue. Its important to get a brand new battery for your device with full capacity. I recently had a salesman try to sell me batteries which they said a lot of shops were buying from him. I asked were they new? He said they are pulled from new devices. That doesn’t make sense to do that as the device would be worth more if it was sold as a working unit. Some places will actually remove original batteries from your device and replace with a knockoff or a worse off original. Why? To sell yours to another customer or to you in a couple months when yours dies!

Quality of battery

A quality battery costs more because it is new. It has all of the correct electronics in it and is meant for your device. The installer should be prepared to back this up with a decent warranty and actually honor the warranty. Don’t get me started on this sticky little point!

Samsung Batteries

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