Cell phone guy.

So who exactly is the cell phone guy? It’s your go to person that you use when you need your phone fixed. In Chilliwack, the cell phone guy is Chilliwack iPhone Repairs. We have the most experience and we offer the fastest service available. You simply can’t get your phone fixed faster. Most iPhone screen repairs done in 15 minutes.

On top of that, we offer better quality Premium screens which have superior glass compared with our competitors. If you want the lower grade screen, we also offer those as well. The difference in the glass is huge though so consider carefully. Have you ever wondered  why your friends phone broke so quickly after being repaired? Simple, cheap glass! Put better glass on and you stop this problem. Yes, you could break it again but it is as difficult to break as the original was.

Some of our competitors are now offering totally fake screens. These will be problematic as they don’t have the same touch and screen resolution as the original. Beware if the price is so cheap. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You can book an appointment on our website knowing that your phone will be fixed fast and with minimal down time.  No one else can offer the turn around time that we offer. 15 minutes to fix your phone, unheard of for a quality repair.

Trusted. We won’t fix what does’t need fixing and we give honest answers based on whats best for you. We have turned many customers away because it would be better to buy a new phone than fix their old one. Who does that these days? Well we do. We also charge sales tax. If you want honesty coupled with integrity, that means in every aspect of our business. Yes we could make a better deal if we didn’t but that shows that we would also be willing to cheat you as well, given the chance.

Bottom line. The cell phone guy is Chilliwack iPhone Repairs – no compromise on quality