iPhone 6 bent frame

Have you taken a look at your iPhone 6 lately to see if you may have bent the frame. Don’t just assume it’s ok because you haven’t dropped it. It’s very easy to bend and you may not even notice. We see so many broken screens on iPhone 6 that it makes me wonder which happened first. It’s quite possible the bend comes first. That puts a lot of stress on your screen essentially stretching it tight. Blow a ballon up too much and the slightest touch will break it. So if you see an iPhone 6 bent frame it most likely is a precursor to worse things to come.

   First off, let’s get one thing straight: The iPhone 6 Plus will bend if enough pressure is applied to a certain area. In fact, a lot of phones will bend when extreme pressure is applied. Everything has a weak point. And you guessed it, if you try to bend something (or have to means/power to do it) it will bend. That’s hardly the argument here though.
As noted in the video above however, it appears that the iPhone 6 has a flawed design that’s being dismissed by Apple and many of its followers. The problem (as mentioned above) is the obvious weak point within the chassis of the iPhone 6 Plus. It is hard to deny. Even display models at the Apple Store have been found slightly bent by kid vandals.

I’m not a product engineer and I don’t claim to know everything involved with the iPhone design and manufacturing departments, but there is one aspect that’s very clear. In the image above, you’ll notice the “stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high stress locations” just as Apple has claimed. The problem is, there are no reinforcements in the location that sparked BendGate.