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Click on your device type to determine what is wrong with it. Keep in mind this is only a guide, its best to let us check it out if not sure.

Sound button greyed out on iPhone 72019-01-29T14:50:51-08:00

This is usually caused by an update from Apple gone wrong. It is a well known issue but Apple does not appear to be interested in helping out with this repair so far. Hopefully this will change in the near future. A new chip will need to be soldered on.

Can’t hear out of ear speaker and/or loudspeaker.2019-01-29T14:47:05-08:00

This could be several different things. Most common is the speaker itself is defective but it can also be clogged mesh. More severe problems could be front flex cable or usb/aux port.

Camera shows black only.2019-01-29T14:39:49-08:00

This is most likely a defective camera. It could be either camera that is defective as they are tied together. We can determine which one it is and replace as needed.

Camera fluttering.2019-01-29T14:37:04-08:00

This is usually caused by a drop or foreign substance getting inside the camera mechanism. Only real solution here is to replace the camera with a new one.

Funny lines on screen or no picture.2019-01-29T14:33:27-08:00

Sounds like the LCD layer is broken. This can happen even if your glass is not broken.

Black Screen2019-01-29T06:40:59-08:00

Most common problem we see on an iPhone is the black screen but it can also be an issue on iPads. If the black screen problem has happened to you the first thing to try is a reset. If its not that you may have a broken screen, bad chip on motherboard or a bad battery.

On i6S and older hold the power button and home button at the same time.

On i7 or 7 Plus hold power button and volume down button.

On i8 and above its a little tougher. Click down volume one second. Up volume one second. Click and hold power button until it resets.

On all of the above you will see the Apple Logo if successful.


Won’t charge.2019-01-27T09:05:29-08:00

This could be the battery. It could also be the charging chip on the motherboard or the charge port has a problem. The charge port could be as simple as a cleaning all the way up to full replacement.

Gets hot when plugged in.2019-01-27T09:02:15-08:00

This could be the battery. If it has reached the end of it’s useful life it can overheat as you attempt to add energy to it. Time to replace this as it could be a fire hazard.

Shuts off randomly.2019-01-27T08:59:27-08:00

This could be the battery failing. A sure sign would be if the battery indicator reads (ie: 43%) then drops to (ie: 12%) or dies. These numbers can vary.

iPad Broken Screen2019-01-27T08:53:34-08:00

Apple made most of their iPads with a separate glass/touch unit. There are a few exceptions to this. Check out our prices to see which applies to your model but generally speaking, the glass/touch sensor unit can be replaced without having to replace the lcd.

Broken Screen2019-01-27T08:50:03-08:00

If your glass is broken the solution is to replace the screen. The glass is laminated to the lcd and must be replaced as a single unit.

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