Cultus Lake Phone Repair

Cultus Lake Phone Repair service is available for your phone repair needs. Have you water damaged your phone while vacationing at Cultus Lake? We can help, especially if we can get to the repair before it starts to dry or you plug in the device.

Here is what you need to know to save your phone!!

  1. Don’t put it in rice. This just does not help as it won’t dry it properly or remove the impurities and stop corrosion. Think about it. If rice sucked up water so easily, it would be very soggy in your cupboard!
  2. Do not plug it in! How many times we see phones come in that were plugged in, Liquid and electricity do not go well together.
  3. Remove the battery right away. The sooner this is done the better. Bring it in to us for this if you can’t do it yourself.
  4. If you can get it in to us the same day, put the phone in a Ziploc bag and remove the air. We’ll dry it out when you get it here.
  5. If you can’t get it in right away, put the phone in an upright position in the Ziploc bag.
  6. The sooner we get the phone the better the chances of repair.

So what to expect when we get your phone in.

We will require at least 24 hours to determine the the fate of your device. It is like most medical emergencies. The sooner we can get a fix started, the better the chance of repair. Cleaning your device thoroughly with rubbing alcohol in a sonic bath will be where we start. Then we will manually clean any debris from the motherboard and other parts and put the phone on our heat-lamps for the day. The following day will we rebuild the phone and assess what if anything can be done to save it.

Typical items that need to be replaced would be in order of likely failure:

  1. Screen replacement
  2. Battery
  3. Main Camera
  4. USB Lightning Port
  5. Facetime Camera Flex

Of course not all or any of these may need to be replaced but typically at least one or two items have failed. The secret to success is not waiting to “see” if it works but getting it cleaned out before its too late. Sadly, this not what we typically see. Most people won’t follow these instructions. Why? Simple. We all know of someone who has dropped their phone in the toilet and it works fine the next day. Why did it work in their case? Pure luck. Liquid does not follow any rules. It goes where it wants to which means you have no control. Better to have some control over where that occurs.

Bottom line. Bring the phone in for us to look at. We can quickly open it up and determine if it got wet. If it didn’t get wet, you’ll know immediately. If it did, we can take steps to save your precious phone!!!

Cultus Lake Phone Repair