Did you know that we do more Cell Phone Repairs than just iPhones? At Chilliwack iPhone Repairs we also do most Android phones as well. We work on Sony, LG, Nokia and of course Samsung.

The differences between iPhones and Android phones usually revolve around how the screen is lit up and the materials used to make the body of the phone. Apple is using Aluminum frames in their current iPhone 6 collection. This truly is a great looking phone BUT they do Bend if you sit on them or put any weight in the middle.

Samsung S6 now uses an aluminum frame which appears to be much tougher. Having said that, the back cover is glass and you can’t take out the battery on this model. Repair costs on most android phones are comparable to similar iPhone models.

Most people are shocked at the cost to fix a screen on a smartphone. After all, they usually got their phone free or at a discounted price when they signed a 2 year contract. The problem is you are actually financing your phone over 2 years and you have to pay out that contract before getting another contract (phone). Average buyout is 15.00 to 25.00 per month left on the contract. That’s why your bill most likely went up when you renewed. It’s smoke and mirrors, similar to buying or leasing a car.

Bottom line is these devices cost money and YOU are the one who will pay for yours. It’s always going to be better to fix your device than to get into a contract. Most carriers now offer a Bring Your Own Phone price which will save you a lot over time. Coincidentally, it will save you that monthly increase on your bill!

We can fix that broken phone for you. We are the original cell phone repairs shop in the area offering great service with honesty and integrity. We have been serving you for over 5 years. Having grown up in the community with strong roots here, we want to ensure you are happy with every repair we do.

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