iPhone 6 Plus Original Quality Screen Repair

$119.00 plus tax.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Premium

We will do an iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Premium by replacing the screen on your broken phone. Done in as little as 15 minutes with appointment.



iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Premium

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Premium. We will replace the screen on your broken phone.

  • Remove old iPhone 6 Plus screen
  • Clean phone and straighten frame if required
  • iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair using new Premium screen
  • Check and test unit
  • 6 month warranty on repair

Our screen repair uses only the very best screen available. If you want quality, we can do it for you. Keep in mind that not all screens are the same. If you want a cheaper screen, let us know and we’ll bring it in for you.


The iPhone 6 Plus is quite an impressive phone in many ways. The first thing you will notice is the shear size of the screen and frame. This is by far the biggest phone apple has ever made. It borders on being a “mini” Mini iPad. The internals of the phone are very close to the iPhone 6, with a few exceptions required to account for the bigger size. Flex cables are extended and widened where required. The iPhone 6 Plus has all the same featured as its smaller sibling with the larger screen and frame being the most notable difference. The device is easy to hold but quite slippery. It feels elegant and sophisticated, as most Apple products do, and retains its usefulness. You should, however, forget about operation with one hand on this beast. Its just too big to allow for that. Want to watch YouTube Videos though and suddenly you feel that you’ve made a wise choice. Any app that benefits from a larger screen does very well on this phone. Cost to replace the screen if you want it done immediately by a third party is fairly high. Apple will do it for you but only if its in pristine condition, and only after forking out a $400 deposit.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair


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