iPad 5 Screen Repair

$109.00 plus tax.

iPad 5 Screen Repair

Done quickly, all parts in stock and can usually be done same day or next.



iPad 5 Screen Repair

We can do an iPad 5 Screen Repair to fix your broken screen. If you can still see a picture on the screen this will work for you. Touch can work but doesn’t have to for this repair.

  • Remove broken or cracked glass
  • Clean and remove broken glass from inside
  • Clean LCD with special microfiber cloth
  • Install and clamp new screen for 12 hours
  • 6 month warranty on parts

We understand how frustrating it is to use an iPad Air with a shattered screen instead of the clean, beautiful tablet you just purchased. Our mission and goal is to get your awesome iPad Air back to its original condition. We will repair your damaged or shattered iPad 5 screen within 24 hours of receiving it, and get the device you can’t live without back where it belongs–in your hands.

iPad 5 Screen Repair

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