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Otterbox – Lifeproof – Goospery

We offer a large selection of high quality phone cases and accessories. All of our phone cases and accessories come with a 15 day money back guarantee.

We have sourced out an excellent line of cases featuring Goospery, Otterbox and Lifeproof.  If you want a high quality protective case at a reasonable price, come and check out our line up of high quality phone cases and accessories.

Our accessories are NOT dollar store quality. Only high quality accessories such as charge cables and charger blocks.

Putting a phone case on your device, combined with a tempered glass screensaver, is a proven way to protect your phone. I don’t know how many people come in to get their phone screen repaired and tell me they either had no phone case on it or they had taken it off recently. When there are so many choices in phone case design, it should not be a big stretch to find something that will protect well enough for every day use.

For people working outside or in wet environments, we recommend either an Otterbox Defender (for a tough case) or a Lifeproof for wet conditions. Keep in mind the Otterbox is still tougher than a Lifeproof case, just not waterproof. Put the tempered glass on and you will be very pleased.

If you work indoors and rarely go outside, a high quality case from Goosperry is just fine. You will save a significant amount of money versus an Otterbox but still have great protection. Most important thing is actually that tempered glass on the front.

So even with all of this protective ware, you still need to exercise caution and care when handling your phone. Nothing beats an once of prevention. If I could count how many people tell me they don’t know what happened to their phone, I’d be rich.

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