Experience computer repair

With our years of experience computer repair we found it a natural fit to move into  fixing iPhone and Android phones. Looking to get you iPhone or Android device fixed? You can count on us to provide excellent service and support. We will not let you down if you should ever have a problem with [...]

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The cellphone guy

The Cellphone Guy We are the cell phone guys in Chilliwack. If you are looking to have your phone fixed in Chilliwack then Chilliwack iPhone is the cellphone guy for you. We offer very competitive prices and excellent service for most any phone repair. We are not just the cellphone guy but also fix iPads [...]

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Chilliwack phone fixer guy

Chilliwack phone fixer guy We use origin parts wherever possible and we are your Chilliwack phone fixer guy. We offer same day service from 9 am to 5 pm, 6 days a week. In addition to fixing most any problem on an iPhone we also fix screens on iPads, iPod Touch and Android phones. If you [...]

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Samsung S 5 screen Repair

Customer brought in their Samsung today with a broken screen. We were able to do the Samsung S 5 screen Repair in less than 30 minutes. Our customer is very pleased with the results and the phone works perfectly. Samsung S 5 screen Repair

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iPhone 6 plus screen repaired

had an iPhone 6 plus screen repair come in last week. Customer dropped from a 16 story apartment in Surrey. We were able to straighten the badly bent frame and install a new iPhone 6 plus screen. Check out these before and after pictures.                

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iPhone Screen Damage Repair

iPhone Screen Damage Repair Did you break your phone and need iPhone Screen Damage Repair? It's not a big deal anymore to have your screen fixed quickly and easily. We offer a screen replacement for your iPhone in as little as 15 minutes the same day! Yes that's correct. You can make an appointment and [...]

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iPad 3 from Abbotsford Screen Repair

iPad 3 from Abbotsford Screen Repair Screen repair on iPad 3 from Abbotsford done today. I don't know what they did to this thing but we were able to put a new screen on for them and they had it back by end of day. iPads take a bit longer to do because they need [...]

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iPhone 5S screen repair from Chilliwack run over by tractor

iPhone 5S screen repair from Chilliwack run over by tractor Customer called wanting to get their iPhone 5S screen repair from Chilliwack run over by tractor. Had a look at it and was able to have it fixed and ready to go in 35 minutes. It works well having enough stock on hand to accept [...]

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Iphone 4s water damage

Jack came in with his phone yesterday. Said he somehow got it wet in his pocket. It gets worse. He decided to try fixing it himself. I guess he heard you can fix it by using iso alcohol. So...He poured the alcohol into the charge port! When we got it we opened it up and [...]

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Samsung S4 Glass replacement

Samsung S4 Glass replacement. Had a customer come in to have a Samsung S4 Glass replacement done. It was done somewhere else about 6 months ago but whoever did it didn't use any UV glue so it was full of dust and broke easily. Customer said the digitizer didn't always work right either. It is [...]

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