Fix and Sell Your Phone or iPad

Fix and Sell Your Phone or iPad Why not Fix and Sell Your Phone or iPad for good money. We all have older phones or iPads, tablets etc sitting in a drawer because they were somehow broken or damaged. Why not have it turned into cash? Most people don't realize that their old devices have a [...]

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Cultus Lake Phone Repair

Cultus Lake Phone Repair Cultus Lake Phone Repair service is available for your phone repair needs. Have you water damaged your phone while vacationing at Cultus Lake? We can help, especially if we can get to the repair before it starts to dry or you plug in the device. Here is what you need to [...]

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Chilliwack Cellphone Repair

Chilliwack Cellphone Repair Looking for cell phone repair in Chilliwack then look no further. As your Chilliwack cellphone repair specialists, we can fix most phones for you in no time. Furthermore, we stock a large assortment of screens for various cellphone repair jobs. Stop by our Sardis location close to Garrison Crossing. We are located at 6240 [...]

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We do all kinds of Cell Phone Repairs

Did you know that we do more Cell Phone Repairs than just iPhones? At Chilliwack iPhone Repairs we also do most Android phones as well. We work on Sony, LG, Nokia and of course Samsung. The differences between iPhones and Android phones usually revolve around how the screen is lit up and the materials used [...]

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Apple products 1970 date change hoax

Apple products 1970 date change hoax Be careful folks, just had someone come in with this problem. They were asked to change the date on their iPhone to win some sort of prize. It bricked their phone rendering it useless. Beware of this scam and set your date to automatic. Want to go back in [...]

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Cell phone guy

Cell phone guy. So who exactly is the cell phone guy? It's your go to person that you use when you need your phone fixed. In Chilliwack, the cell phone guy is Chilliwack iPhone Repairs. We have the most experience and we offer the fastest service available. You simply can't get your phone fixed faster. [...]

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iPhone 6 bent frame

iPhone 6 bent frame Have you taken a look at your iPhone 6 lately to see if you may have bent the frame. Don't just assume it's ok because you haven't dropped it. It's very easy to bend and you may not even notice. We see so many broken screens on iPhone 6 that it [...]

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Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair Chilliwack iPhone Repair does all kinds of cell phone repair jobs, not just iPhones. We also fix almost all Android phones including LG, Google, Samsung and Sony. We stock parts for most of the popular phones and can have other phones  fixed quickly with our local supply connection and global network. In [...]

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iPhone Screen Damage Repair

iPhone Screen Damage Repair Did you break your phone and need iPhone Screen Damage Repair? It's not a big deal anymore to have your screen fixed quickly and easily. We offer a screen replacement for your iPhone in as little as 15 minutes the same day! Yes that's correct. You can make an appointment and [...]

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