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Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair Chilliwack iPhone Repair does all kinds of cell phone repair jobs, not just iPhones. We also fix almost all Android phones including LG, Google, Samsung and Sony. We stock parts for most of the popular phones and can have other phones  fixed quickly with our local supply connection and global network. In [...]

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Samsung S 5 screen Repair

Customer brought in their Samsung today with a broken screen. We were able to do the Samsung S 5 screen Repair in less than 30 minutes. Our customer is very pleased with the results and the phone works perfectly. Samsung S 5 screen Repair

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iPhone 6 plus screen repaired

had an iPhone 6 plus screen repair come in last week. Customer dropped from a 16 story apartment in Surrey. We were able to straighten the badly bent frame and install a new iPhone 6 plus screen. Check out these before and after pictures.                

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iPhone Screen Damage Repair

iPhone Screen Damage Repair Did you break your phone and need iPhone Screen Damage Repair? It's not a big deal anymore to have your screen fixed quickly and easily. We offer a screen replacement for your iPhone in as little as 15 minutes the same day! Yes that's correct. You can make an appointment and [...]

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Chilliwack iPhone Repair

Chilliwack iPhone Repair Chilliwack iPhone Repair has been fixing iPhones as well as other phones for 5 years. We are the largest iPhone Repair Center in Chilliwack. We have fixed literally thousands of phones in the local area. It always amazes me how many devices are out there. A recent statistic indicated that there are over [...]

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Smartphone Repair Chilliwack

Smartphone Repair Chilliwack Smartphone Repair Chilliwack - If you are looking to have your smartphone repaired, whether it be a broken screen,  speakers that don't sound good anymore or a multitude of other problems then we can help. Most problems with smart phones can be fixed fairly quickly. We fix more phones in the Chilliwack [...]

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iPhone repair Abbotsford

iPhone repair Abbotsford Had a customer pop out from Abbotsford to have their iPhone repair Abbotsford. Really great to see such friendly people like this gentleman was. The phone was in rough shape, having a broken screen and bent frame. We had to use a dremel to clean up the frame a bit. When I [...]

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iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Well, I've seen it all now. Customer brought in her very nice iphone 5 to have the screen replaced. I guess the phone was sitting on the kitchen counter all night. When she went to get it I the morning the phone was smashed badly and the charge cable was shredded! [...]

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iPad Mini Glass Replacement

iPad Mini Glass Replacement Just did a iPad Mini Glass Replacement for a customer from Chilliwack. The screen was broken but the frame was in perfect condition. We were able to do the job and have it ready for the customers return in about 4 hours. iPad Mini Glass Replacement. These screens are about half [...]

By | 2015-08-06T08:43:01+00:00 October 16th, 2014|Blog|Comments Off on iPad Mini Glass Replacement

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